Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 3

It’s the last main day of the brilliant trip to Cameroon and the last school we have visited a bilingual high school this morning and we went on a tour of the school and talked to the principal and one of the vice principals of the school.

Mr Wallace found out that the principal was a fan of Boro. There was abut 4000 pupils in the school and 9 vice principlal, 5 for the Anglophones (the people whose main language is English) and Francophones (the people whose main language is French). We went on a small tour of the school and watched a sports parade where a lot of people were doing gymnastics. After that we went to visit a history class.

We were in the class for 15 minutes and then we went into a presentation prepared by the Cameroonians which was very good. Carlton got up and did a dance which is on the school website, and after they performed their own dances which were good and then we exchanged gifts with the pupils involved in connecting classrooms. Katie one of the girls from Laurence Jackson got dragged up to sing.

After we had been there we went to the market and had to tell them when we wanted to buy something so that they didn’t charge us too much. Carlton wanted a football shirt so the driver took us to a cheaper place, but we got mobbed because they all wanted us to buy theirs. It was very scary.

Andrea Elizabeth Carlton and Paul

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