Monday, 24 November 2008

First Day!

Hello to everyone back home in England. The weather here is very hot this morning, it rained for a little while but the sun got out later in the day. 

The school that we visited was unbelievable, the school grounds were made out of clay and the sports lesson were played on a clay pitch.  In the classrooms there was a minimum of 75 pupils and the maximum was 90 pupils. We made plenty of friends with a great reception when we got to school.  There are 3730 pupils in the full school. 

We started off with a greeting and attended some classes in the morning.  One group went to maths, chemistry and English and the other went to geography, chemistry and English.

After that we went to a room and saw a cultural show with dances, singing and a fashion show. After that we planted some trees. Andrea planted it in all white which wasn't the best idea.

After we had all been to the school we went to the zoo and saw some crocodiles, lions, and monkeys. The guide was telling us a bit about each animal and said that they would eventually be releasing them into the wild.

We will be in touch again soon. Here are some pictures and a video from today.

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