Monday, 24 November 2008

Saturday Morning

Braving a very chilly Saturday morning our group were picked up from 3.00am. It took over half an hour to pick the whole group from their homes. The sky was dark and threatening, with a strong risk of snow. After leaving Teesside by 3.35, the group made good progress to reach Newcastle Airport by 4.35. There they met up with three pupils and a member of staff from Laurence Jackson School, our partner in Connecting Classrooms.

Despite the snow storm at 5.40 the plane to Paris made good time arriving 15 minutes early. At 10.50 (9.50 UK) their next flight left Paris for Cameroon - flight AF940, arriving at Douala at 17.23 , before carrying on to their final destination Yaounde landing 5 minutes early - at 19.00 (18.00 UK time). Sunday has gone well and first text messages tell us its been busy, enjoyable, but they are all tired - also did we like the snow - it is 95 F there. What a hard life!

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